by Anne Emilie Jensen

At day you smile at each other on the suburban street, but in the dead of night all the dirty tricks come out. And if you accuse me of being a bad neighbor, that means war!


  • Time: 30-45 min (10 min rules)
  • Players: 3-6
  • Language: Danish & English

Neighbour War is a party game with moves and strategic placement of cards.

In Neighbor War you play as neighbors who live on the same street. The players are both good neighbours and do nice things for their neighbours, but it also happens that you recklessly end up doing bad things. All the small misdeeds can build up anger among the various neighbours and eventually end in a neighbourhood war.

All players have a mood scale and you start in the middle of the scale. When you receive a card from a neighbour, you move your marker on the scale. It's about becoming the happiest neighbour on the street first, so it's about keeping an eye on which of the other neighbours do nice or bad things to their neighbours. However, it is not entirely clear how happy or dissatisfied a neighbour is, as the mood scales are hidden.

Each player draws two good and one bad card in the round. Players then take turns reading a card aloud and placing it at a neighbour. If a bad card is placed with a neighbour, the receiving player may place a grumpy token of its color with the transgressing neighbour. If three tokens of the same color are placed with a player, a neighbour war starts. In the case of a neighbouring war, cards are drawn from the war pile with the extra nasty bad cards.

The game is easy to play and entertaining, because in a War of Neighbours you are allowed to do everything you are not allowed to do, of bad things in reality. Pop in and play a game of Neighbour Wars and see if you're lucky enough to be the happiest neighbour first or maybe you'd rather go after sabotaging your neighbours before one of them gets the trophy for the happiest neighbour of the year?

About the designer

Hey, I’m Anna Jensen and I am a new boardgame designer. I’ m very creative in many areas, and I love designing boardgames. Before this I have been arranging LARPS for around 10 years, both a fantasy campaign and scenarios.