A tribe of kickass stone age people attempts to cross the brutal and unforgivingly arid Kitara Desert on a journey towards an unknown future and their dream of a life in safety.

Number of players/game facilitators 4/1

Runtime 2 Hours

Language Whole scenario in Danish and English

Age restriction 15+

Amount of reading 1 page

Online Yes

  • Stoneage Fantasy

  • Action

  • Dice


It is late morning in the desert, only twelve of us are left in the tribe, running frantically across the endless sand. Giant flesh-eating beetles scurry over the dunes, hot on our heels.

My lungs are on fire from running, and I can tell that Biju is also struggling to keep up the pace. Our Spear Warrior’s leg hasn’t fully healed from the bloody wound she took during the escape from the Yellow King’s inhuman hordes, back on our native green plains.

I see Biju come to a halt. The sun, thirst, and sand has worn her down, but that is not why she stops. She brings out her bone-spear, and with an ancient battle-cry she turns to face the leading monster.

Lotti, playing Biju, picks up a handful of blue and red dice and prepares to throw them. If she makes the roll, we will escape the giant beetles. If not, a player character will die.

I think she took too many dice for this roll. Because the blues are our water, and the reds our blood, and once they are spend the whole tribe will die. No one survives the desert without water and blood.

Player type

Do you like intense stone age action with dice rolls, a high death-rate and interchangeable player characters in a somewhat sad story frame? Then, Desert Crossing is for you.

Game Master type

If you can paint an action-packed scene through words, keep track of a simple dice mechanic for resource management and still maintain a brisk pace, I sincerely hope you will gamemaster Desert Crossing.