Sales venues

Fastaval has a number of sales outlets, where you can buy you for an extra sweet Fastaval experience. All areas are run by volunteers with the help of DITs. Below is an overview of the various outlets on Fastaval.


The Coffee Inn is the place for the Fastaval participant to find calm surroundings, cushiony furniture, a good board game and a fine cup of coffee. At Otto’s Coffee Inn, you’ll also find the Board Game Café, which at every Fastaval provides hundreds of board games for the participants along with skilled board-tenders to guide you into the realm of board games. Behind the counter, the bartenders are ready to serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate and edible treats. Otto’s Coffee Inn is a haven with a relaxed atmosphere for chilling out.

You’ll find the Coffee Inn at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium

Opening hours:
9:00 AM – 11 PM

Finally we return with cardboard for the people. And man did we miss you.

The boardgame cafe is located with the Coffee Inn at Fastaval and it is here that you can borrow board games every day  during Fastaval from our collection of old classics, new gems and the games that have been designed for Fastavals board game competition over the years. Our game gurus are always ready to guide you and help you with rules explanations so don’t hesitate to ask.

An approximate list of our games can be found here:

Opening hours:
9:00 AM – 02 AM (sunday 9:00 AM – 3 PM)

The Kiosk at Fastaval supplies the basics a role player needs to survive. Every day, the Kiosk offers a selection of edibles such as candy, chips, soda and fresh fruit. Furthermore, you can also buy a range of practical objects such as ear plugs. The Kiosk is most known for its toasts which have kept many a participant going.

If you want to help out at the Kiosk, you can use your DIT-task here.

The Kiosk is located at Mariagerfjord gymnasium.

Opening hours:
9:00 AM – 12 AM (sunday 9AM – 5.30 PM)

The Bar at Fastaval is the place where you can meet with friends old and new when the role playing is over, the board game has ended and the night still is young. Here we serve cold pints and an assortment of cocktails and shots to participants over 18 years of age. It is Fastaval conductors that run the bar. The mood in the Bar is informal and there is room for chatting as well as getting your groove on.

You will find the Bar at Hobro Sports Center.

Opening Hours:
Wednesday-Sunday 5PM – 02AM

The Oasis is the watering hole of Fastaval, where you, in a relaxed and cheerful surroundings can lounge yourself and catch a break from everything. The Oasis serves a broad variety of coctails and moctails, special beers, champagne as well as delicious snacks and other great stuff. In The Oasis participants can both experience table serving, beer in glass, politeness and unexpected conversations. The Oasis sets the setting for the crooked features at Fastaval such as quizzes, miscellaneous receptions, panel debates, themed DJ sets and other nutty events.

If you want to help out in The Oasis you can choose to use your DIT-task here.

You will find The Oasis at Hobro Sports Center

Opening Hours:
Wednesday 4PM – 02AM
Thu-Sat 12PM – 02AM