Shops at Fastaval

There will be ample opportunity to bring loot home from Fastaval. Each year we have shops coming to Fastaval to sell their wares and goods. They can be found in the common area and in the adjacent rooms  – so be on the lookout. In 2019 we had both old and new with classics such as Dragons Lair, Epic Panda and Læsehesten, but even so, there are new and different shops every year.

The shops at Fastaval 2022:

Epic Panda

For the Seventh time you can find Pandadad and his store Epic Panda / Epic Dwarf with their 2.4+ ton heavy and Epic dwarven chest fuld of roleplaying books, here you can find just what need in you collection or discover a new roleplaying-system you did not know existed. You can also find Boardgames and merchandise and other nerdy stuff!

See our homepage here:

Corra Design

Pre-sale and signing
Of the brand-new fantasy novel being released after Easter.
Buy the book and figure in pre-sale at Fastaval. It is the first volume in a new series about the Elves at Alta.

The author, a bachelor engineer, Bjarne B. Pedersen, and the interest in fantasy lies within the family, who have been active in live role-playing games and at Fastaval. He is also building a fantasy castle next to the old farmhouse on West Funen, where he lives. You can follow the construction of the castle ‘Alta Arce’ on the website:

Volume 1:
When the elf Levia wakes up at the inn with her boyfriend Dimonos, she thinks their biggest concern is getting Levia’s father, the king, to accept their relation. Soon, however, her world collapses,
as she learns that alien enemies have attacked the kingdom and killed her family.
She and her people must flee west to a peaceful valley, which, however, turns out to be hiding some gloomy secrets. Meanwhile, Levia tries to get used to her new – and undesired- role as queen and the magical powers she has suddenly gained.

The book is easy read and exciting for anyone who likes fantasy. From 11 years.

Visit our website with our candle workshop where we made the special candles with the Otto of this year.


Tier1MTG is at Fastaval for the first time ever, and we can’t wait to be a part of the family. We cram the car with hot stuff from “Magic”, “Pokémon”, “Yu-Gi-Oh”, “Flesh and Blood” and “Dragon Ball Super”. In addition to new products we will also bring a wide range of singles from Magic: the Gathering, but we will bring some singles from other TCGs as well.

We are always looking to buy new cards and if you are sitting on an old collection you don’t use anymore then bring it in or contact us for an appointment to sell it. We always provide a fair price for your cards, and it doesn’t matter one bit if they are brand new or very old.

During Fastaval, Tier1MTG offers drafting in Magic at 12 PM and again at 6 PM each day at Fastaval. The price for a draft will be at 135 DKK per player and you get to keep the cards you draft. There’s also the opportunity to play Commander with your friends at the ‘Val, so stuff your bag with your decks for good fun and hygge!

Swing by and say hi – we will be so thrilled. See you soon!
Regards, the Tier1MTG Team