______ Kills Snape

When the Snape-reenactor Viktor is murdered just before the annual cosplay con, four Snapewiwes must, in the style of Agatha Christie, solve the crime themselves. A classic murder mystery set against a truly niche subculture.


Aesthetics and erotics become one and the same, when three women enter into a forbidden relationship during the painting of a portrait. A story about art, oppression, and sensuousness, set in an English country house in the late eighteenth century.

The Brothers from Broløs

A humorous action comedy about three hillbillies and their new private incasso business in rural Jutland in the 70’s. The scenario is a celebration of Danish rural lifestyle, existing way out in the middle of nowhere.


A poetic story about four immortals who, through three eras, slowly solve the mystery about who they are and how they can regain their mortality.

The White Lady from Troll Mountain

En gruppe helte drager på eventyr for at opdage hvorfor Trollbjerget er fastfrosset i evig sne og kulde. En kærlighedserklæring til terningrul og klassisk D&D tilgængeligt for alle uanset systemkendskab.

Divine Reconcilation

Yahwhe seeks family counseling when he finally tires of the century-long conflict. Now he, Eve, Adam, and Lilith must go on an extraordinary journey filled with self discovery and reconciliation.

We Ride Together

Four young horse-interested women spend time on a ranch where a male riding instructor abuses them sexually. A scenario about the dark side of Danish youth associations, and the consequences of going public.

In the Shadows of Faith

I en nylig erobret grænseby må kongens vasaller efterforske det forsvundne Sankt Aunarius’ relikvieskrin. Et Cthulhu-lignende horror-scenarie indhyllet i en tåge af mystik og uvished, sat i den mørkeste middelalder.

The Nun and the Knight

A story about forbidden love in the time of King Arthur. Immense emotions are at play, as two lovers are forced to choose between ideals and happiness, while the world burns around them.

The Collective

In the span of a year we follow the life of five friends living together communally. A day-to-day drama about friendship, relationships, jealousy, shared spaces, parties, exams, and everything regarding young people living together.


The warrior, the wizard, the thief, and the cleric lead the war where all the orcs went extinct and have reaped their lavish reward. Why aren’t they happy? A fantasy pastiche about what happens to your character when the quest is over.

She shattered into a thousand pieces

As a child something terrible happened to Pil that shattered her mind and turned her into several different people. Now her personalities are forced to reconcile because Pil’s daughter is in danger.


Five sock puppets are competing to win the reality show LoveSoks in this ensemble scenario, including silly voices and backstabbing on live tv. May the best sock win..

Midlife Blues 2: Strange Sisteers

When a witch turns 40, her nose suddenly grows long and crooked, adorned with at least one wort. In this scenario we follow two witch-sisters on their journey towards the big four-o and the inescapable nose.

When we wake

Upon returning to earth the crew onboard the USCSS Bison are suddenly awakened from their Stasis Sleep, only to discover that something is very wrong. A nerve wrecking dungeon crawl with the ship as a central player, where nothing is as it should be.

And the Donkey Saw the Angel

The lines between reality and fiction are blurred when the musician Nick Cave delves into the dark and grotesque story about a religious American town. Controlled by mania, depression, and drugs, he writes a story together with his own fictional characters.

Masturbation Patrol

In 1950’s Copenhagen, four policemen are recruited into the morality police. Here they are tasked with capturing the homosexual men in the night-scene. It is a tragic comedy about getting lost in a forbidden community, and the consequences their actions will have on real humans.


Four men in the middle of a midlife crisis embark on a journey to reestablish the local brewery they frequented in their youth. An absurd-ish roadmovie about how to navigate life’s inevitable changes.

Prognosis: Ragnarok

In a solar system far away, far into the future, the despot O-Tan builds a prognosis-machine, telling him that Ragnarok cannot be stopped. A retelling of the Völsupa Edda in an epic 80’s heavy metal setting.

The Ritual

When a magical ritual goes awry, four sorcerers with a long history of love and betrayal are forced into a beautiful and terrible fight to the death.

The Book of Saxo

As the aging chronicler Saxo and Bishop Anders Sunesen initiate a potent relationship they find either redemption or despair in each other's arms. A love story framed by Saxo’s work writing down Danmarks infant history.


In the shadow of the Great war, four young students must guard a beautiful supernatural being. As it spreads its influence, the characters lose control, such that both their emotions and dueling weapons spiral out of control.

The Soul Stone

Midt i Pangaea findes en forunderlig sten – Sjælestenen – og de, som rører ved den, får både sjæl og mæle. Løve, Ugle og Slange har alle rørt ved stenen, og nu diskuterer de, hvem der ellers skal begaves med en sjæl.


Experienced police officers must prevent a large-scale drug deal in 1990’s Copenhagen - but not all cops are good cops. A violent, entertaining and tense action drama.

The Road to Babel

Deep in the Appalacian mountains, a nameless protagonist is searching for his lost mind in this GM-less folk horror experience. Through storytelling and escape room mechanics, frightful memories and unanswered questions lead us on the way home.


A sci-fi epic about vast virtual minds who develop in parallel with humanity over centuries. However, even with almost limitless power and intelligence, not all problems in the world are solvable.

Under Orion’s Belt

Anders is aided by the mythical hero Orion, when he finds that his marriage has become a bit sexless. Unfortunately the old perv takes a liking to his wife and Anders is now forced to rediscover the spark that made them fall in love in the first place.

Vaulunds Revenge

In a mythical iron age, King Nidudur has imprisoned and mutilated the master smith Vaulund. As an act of vengeance Vaulund creates magical objects which each bring corruption and destruction to Nidudur house and family.

The Rest of us Just Live Here

Hvordan føles det ikke at være – The Chosen One – i en verden, hvor en ny apokalypse jævnligt truer med at ødelægge gymnasiet? Hvad hvis man bare vil overleve at blive student, og måske finde modet til at indrømme sine følelser over for sit crush?

The Witnesses

Four replicants and their human police agent attempt to create a neon ray of hope in the darkness of the megacity. By downloading and thus taking over witness accounts, they might be able to take on the otherwise untouchable Yakuza Mafia.