by Tina Heebøll Arbjørn

“YOU IDIOT!”; The words still rings inside the car, while you can see his red taillights. The idiot just overtook you on the inside right before the way interleaving.


Players: 4

Gamemasters: 1

Language: Danish and English

Road Rage is about irritation and escalating anger. About how the anger is quicker to take over when you get in a car, and that anger leading to irrational actions even from ordinary people. The irritation escalates with each scene till it is determined who will go the furthest to get their way.

The characters consist of driver and passenger in two different cars both on their way to Ikea, who have annoyed each other in the traffic. It is a realistic scenario about the little things on the road that can grow huge. A drama-comedy that is very serious for the characters but where the players can smile once in a while.

The players get to design their own cars and put their personal spin on the characters in the introductory workshop. The scenario serves a series of classic traffic situations, where the players can live out their inner road demons. At the end of the scenario the players will be relieved of two pounds of anger.