by Simon Lindén

This is a tribute to classic video games. A co-operative real-time game using a sountrack of 8-bit music to keep track of time. Think fast and act faster as you steam roll your way through a randomly created level to defeat the boss before time runs out.


  • Time: 60-90 min
  • Players: 1-4
  • Language: English

Robotprins is played much like a classic video game. You play one level at a time and after defeating it you move on to the next level. To defeat a level you must explore your way through the different obstacles all the way to the end of the level where you must defeat the boss before time runs out. Instead of a regular timer each level uses a unique track of 8-bit music to keep track of time. This music of course also provides the game with an immersive groove that relates to old school nintendo games.

Players roll dice simultaneously. Dice are used to move, explore, gain upgrades, heal or even play the guitar! That’s right – in Robotprins, you don’t fight your enemies. Instead you use music to rock the evil out of them!

A level is played in 5-10 minutes and they combine into mini campaigns of five levels that can be completed in about an hour.

After completing a level, players can keep some of the upgrades they acquired during the level. This way they build up their inventory and get more powers over time.

At Fastaval you will experience a unique edition of the game where several tables will play simultaneously using the same audio source. Each table will win or lose independently but they will experience the game together as the music is played from loudspeakers and the time is displayed on a public screen. This game mode will feature the first mini campaign of the game which consists of five levels.

About the designer

This is the result of a musician and a board game designer joining their creative efforts.

Simon Lindén is a game designer from Sweden who has made games for a hobby for about 20 years. He has made a variety of games, from strategic to quick and simple. At the point of writing he has one self-published game and is still waiting for a publisher to pick up one of his game designs.

His brother Philip is a musician who lives in Japan and who has been making digital music for many years. He created the fictional character Robotprins to promote his 8-bit music. Robotprins is inspired by heroes from classic video games but he hasn’t had a game of his own. Not until now.