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Scenarios at Fastaval 2020

A DREAM OF NOTHING by Piotr Duda-Dziewierz

Dream’s siblings journey to find their lost brother. But as they travel through the world of dreams it shifts to be a place of nightmares and their own roles in all of it [...]

CHAINS OF POWER by Lars Kroll Kristensen

Follow five nobles along their meteoric rise from simple pawns to master players in the Game of Power. Noblesse oblige tightly binds even the mightiest of kings with chains of responsibility in this [...]

FORGOTTEN by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

Four amnesiacs travel through a desolate world of terrible monsters under a broken sun. Terrible sacrifices must be done to regain their memories and even then, some will remain a mystery. [...]

THE NIGHT BEFORE EUROPA by Ann Kristine Eriksen

Two women find themselves in an odd friendship while their past during nazism and communism is slowly uncovered. A story about being spectator and accomplice to history, and about accepting the past. [...]

WHEN IN DOUBT by Sarah Jane Murdock

In this scenario, you create a religion, live by its precepts, abandon its doctrine, and then explore how life is different outside its fixed framework. Players/GM 4 players + [...]

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