The Greek Philosopher Aristoteles divided activities into two. Those that have an internal purpose, and those that have a purpose outside of the activity itself. What happens when you mix them up?

When Jonas Begtrup-Hansen was interviewed at Fastaval in 2019, it was out back on a lawn, and HELTELIV (Hero Life) was still in development. Now it is completed, has met Denmark and on a daily basis, it is face to face with the challenges that it was designed to handle. This time, the interview is on stage and we will talk about what happens when you give roleplaying games an outside purpose, and when roleplaying dreams become reality.

Surely, this will make for an exciting conversation, between Guest of Honour, interviewer and the audience. Mainly in Danish but with live translation to English.

Requirements: The talk will mainly be in Danish (with translators available)

Maximum participant: None

When: Friday 4:30-5:30 PM

Where: The Oasis

Price: Free

Language: Danish and English