by Henrik Sterndorff Jessen

Weeds - Logo v2

In grandmom's little garden, all is peaceful and idyllic. The grandchildren love to play around on the freshly mowed lawn. You play dandelion, which must compete with bear's garlic, chervil, and other weeds to take over the garden. The goal of the game is to grow as much as possible, so that both the grandma, grandchildren and opponents move out.


  • Duration: 45-60 min
  • Players: 2 or 4 (2v2). Best with 4.
  • Language: English

Weeds is played either one-on-one or in two-on-two teams. From a deck of 4 cards, players take turns choosing a card with a Tetris-like figure and drawing it in the shared garden. The last player or team to be able to draw a figure wins.

At the start of the game, 6 ability cards that cheat the placement rules are selected. During the game you can choose 3 of these abilities for your team. If you choose too early, the ability may not be used optimally. If you choose too late, your opponent may already have taken it.

Throughout the game, players collect water cans that allow them to refresh the card marked. But use them wisely, because they can also give your opponent new opportunities.

All players compete for space on a shared game board, which provides a high degree of player interaction. The 2v2 version encourages discussion around the table about who will sacrifice themselves for the team and block the opponent. Alliances are already formed - now it's time to get personal.

Sounds simple? It is. But if you don't coordinate your attacks with your partner and choose your abilities correctly, you'll quickly become locked in. And then it's up to your partner to be the "last plant standing".


About the designer

As most of you reading this, I have been a passionate board gamer for many years. With a technical background, the great ingenuity in mechanisms and balancing has always amazed and fascinated me. I prefer to play long Eurogames without luck and without unnecessary player interaction. Therefore, I have created a 45-minute flip-and-write with plenty of foolishness and chat around the table. This is my first time at Fastaval. /Henrik.