Collect the right audience for your small theater in a small bag, draw them and seat them in this quick push your luck game.
Let people in slowly , or risk a crash and burn to be the first to pick the next play. NOW with popcorn!

  • Duration: 45 min (incl. rules)

  • Participants: 2-8

  • Language: only flavour text


As manager of a small theater you hope to fill all the seats. Either by getting the right plays that match your audience or by changing the audience to match the plays. Can you squeeze tickets out of the last seats or will your greed end up forcing you to close the doors and raise the curtains for a half empty house?

“Sold Out” is a small game for 2-8 players. All players simultaneously pull meeples out of their bags and choose where to place them on cards representing different stage productions. Completed seat rows and columns will give you points or new meeples.
The trick is to choose how many meeples to pull. Every time you pull a stagehand the bell rings, so you might end up starting the performance before you are ready.

Every round each player has his og her own play. It might be a Shakespeare drama aimed at a more demanding audience or the childrens Christmas favourite. Different plays fit different audiences, and they will benefit you in different ways. So you will have to find a balance between specializing and combining different genres.

About the designer

Besides the tedious necessities of living, Otto enjoys his family, designing board games and playing theater. One day he hopes to combine at least two of those. For instance designing board games about theater.