Down in the slimy sewer, the playful rats try to glide all the way down the slide without being stopped by the big ugly rat bully.
While the rat bully sets up obstacles, the playful rats use rat droppings to glide more easily.

  • Duration: 20-40 min.

  • Participants: 2

  • Language: Danish


In this asymmetrical two-person family game, one player controls the playful rats and the other player is the big ugly rat bully.

With the help of the dice, which are drawn from a bag, the playful rats slide down the slide. On the track there is garbage that the rats can eat and thereby put a turd. The turd can be put in the rats fur for later use or it can be thrown in front of the rat and useds to extend the length of the slideing. A turd from the fur can be thrown to one of the other rats to make that rat slide longer.

The rat bully also draws dice from its bag, which is used to set up obstacles on the track and try to stop the madness that the playful rats are engaged in.

If all the playful rats reach the end of the slide before the bag of dice is empty, they win the game. If not, the rat bully has won.

About the designer

Maila has been designing games since 2018. Her debut as a designer at Fastaval was in 2021 where she won the Egg in the Game Rush Competition for the above game.
Favourite games include Maracaibo, Coimbra and Tzolk’in. She also likes to play games where you have a laugh, which reflects her own games.

In October 2021, she, together with two others, opened the Opera Randers, which is a new board game café.