by Kristian Bach Petersen

Beyond Ostland, in the snow-covered northern wilderness leading to The Crags of Shargun, four hunters are closing in on their prey. They have covered half the Empire on his trail. Now they are close enough to smell his sweat on the harsh, cold wind. Nothing can stop them…

… at the same time, the sound of weapons and guttural barking from twisted throats can be heard behind them. Something has caught the scent of the four hunters, and the forces of chaos arenot an easy thing to throw off your trail.


Players: 4

Gamemasters: 1

Language: Danish

The Wolves of Winter is a Warhammer action scenario about four female hunters’pursuit of a sinister criminal, and a scenario about being hunter and prey at the same time. A high paced hunt, where the four characters have to work together and use their resources wisely to reach their goal.

It is also a scenario about a hunt that not all the characters will come out of alive.

At least one character will not return from the cold northern wastes. So it is also a scenario about grabbing every opportunity, using the weaknesses of others to your own advantage and doing anythingto get ahead.

Because when your have the bloodhounds of Khorneat you heels, you don’t have to be the fastest, as long as you’re not the slowest.

The scenario uses a simple card-driven system that supports action, inter-player drama and pushes the characters’resources to the limit.