A group of high school teachers try to prepare for a party, but instead, get stuck in the school basements with a drunk ghost, pentagrams, bats, confused students and a revengeful chemistry teacher.

Number of players/game facilitators 3-5 players + 1 facilitator

Runtime 2 Hours (no breaks)

Language Playable in both Danish and English. Only character sheets and handout will be translated for Fastaval.

Age restriction None

Amount of reading 2 pages per player (character + handout)

Online Yes

  • Mystery

  • Exploration

  • Comedy


In the roleplaying game ”Under a high school in Jutland…” you will be playing a high school teacher, who are locked in the basement under the school with a group of colleagues. Our group of teachers must find a lost chemistry teacher and the drinks for the teachers’ summer party to get out, and on the way they will have to face cravings for coffee, occult rituals, bitter comments and their own desperate attempt to cooperate – preferably without letting a demon loose on the way.

The game is based on character play and improvisation in a point-and-click adventure style roleplaying game. During the game you will be confronted with every prejudice about teachers that you might have: All teachers have chosen this job, because they want to be the one, who is in charge. Every problem will be discussed at great length. And no teacher functions without a cup of coffee.

This game is a short and simple experience. And if you’re looking for something without dice, this is the game for you.

Player type

You like to explore, improvise and to solve everything by talking about it. You will have a very short text to introduce you to your character. That means that you have to come up with your own ideas of how to play your character. Feel free to be inspired by your own experiences.

Gamemaster type

You like to see the big picture and at the same time encourage the players’ ideas. Timing and pacing are important parts of the game. You will be responsible for setting the scenes and the atmosphere.