The lines between imagination and reality are blurred in the Land of the Gloaming where four 13-year-old friends seek refuge from the problems of everyday life and the outside world that doesn’t understand them.

Players/GM 4 players + 1 facilitator

Time 4 hours

Language Danish, with English player-facing materials available

Age limit None

How much do you have to read 2-4 pages 

  • Magical realism

  • Coming-of-age

  • Drama


‘Eventide’ is a coming-of-age story about four 13-year-old girls struggling with growing up and fitting in. Their common interest in the occult leads them to another world, where magical creatures and supernatural trials offer them an escape from their real world dilemmas. But will they risk losing themselves and their friendship in the Land of the Gloaming? 

‘Eventide’ is a freeform scenario with focus on character development and storytelling. The players will develop their character and the character relations through the scenes. They will also take part in creating and colouring the magical world through descriptions. The game master will help the players describe the world around them alongside setting and cutting scenes. The game master will also play the supporting characters in the story. 

The designer

At the age of 13, Signe dreamed of a magical world she could escape to. Escape from the grey and mundane world in which she felt misunderstood and lonely. Roleplaying has been a part of her life ever since. Signe fell in love with Fastaval in 2015 and ‘Eventide’ is her third scenario for the convention.