After landing on a planet outside the solar system, you must build a self-sustaining base adapted to its environmental and geographical conditions, before your rapidly depleting supply of vital resources runs out.

Players take the role of space pioneers, who must establish a small permanent and self-sustaining base on an extrasolar planet. For this task, they only have the resources brought from Earth, in addition to their own skills.

Players start on their initial base with a full supply of four vital resources: oxygen, water, food and energy. To prevent their reserves from running out, they will have to expand the base by deploying different modules and production systems, while also having to deal with various problems and unforeseen events, such as system failures, meteorological events and health issues.

There are 6 different exoplanets that players can attempt to colonize, each one with a different set of environmental conditions and events the players must take into account when planning their strategy. There are also 9 different characters to play with, whose special abilities must be used intelligently, in order to increase the chances of survival.

Keywords: Cooperative Play, Action Point Allowance System, Modular Board, Space Science Fiction

About the designer: Physics teacher and with a degree in Astronomy, Juan Pablo started designing games at a young age, mainly to emulate videogames he liked, such us Worms, Crash Bash or Final Fantasy Tactics.
He sings in a choir and enjoys playing soccer, as well as designing both board and videogames.
Among his favorite boardgames are Pandemic and 7 Wonders.
He hasn’t officially published any boardgame yet, but is working on his opera prima: Exoplanet Colony.