Write a scenario! Have you ever felt like trying writing a scenario? Then you’ll have the opportunity here! At the Fastaval scenario writing competition 2019, you’ll get some obstructions to work with in a creative manner and 72 hours to write a scenario.

The assignments with obstructions will be given out at Thursday 10 AM. If you cannot be present at that time, you can get it sent via email (write to thaismunk@gmail.com). There will be a sparring workshop Saturday from 15-17.  You have to bring a computer yourself to write the scenario and it has to be handed in at Sunday 10 AM. There will be individual feedback for everyone at 3-4 PM. The winner will be announced at the Otto Party the same evening and wins the attractive Lady, Otto’s adorable girlfriend.

Information: The Scenario writing competition is primarily for letting new people try their hand at writing scenarios and not for people, who’ve been writing scenarios for many years. Experienced scenario writers are welcome, but please don’t expect to be given higher priority than the newcomers.

Futhermore, there is only 15 places available and a high demand, so please only sign up if you’re ready to take the time to write something.