Here are the scenarios for Fastaval 2018. This year will have plenty of sci-fi, different takes on fantasy and magical realism, character dramas of love, war and conflict and several scenarios handling illness in very different ways. And we have no less than two scenarios that will run outdoors.


Heaven over the Castro by The Countess Dillymore

In 1980s San Francisco, a defrocked priest meets a youth who thinks he is chosen by God. An aging drag queen tries to be a better father. And a spirit of lights walks the streets, spreading joy, love and abandon. Heaven Over The Castro is a game of intersecting storylines and improbable meetings, which explores spirituality, queerness and prayer.

Star-Crossed Love by Jacob Nielsen

An astronaut finds himself stranded in space and develops a deep connection to the space stations operating system. Only love can save him from lonesomeness and misery – but when the curtain calls – will he want to be saved?

Post-IT by Henrik Dithmer

A comedy about three friends, who try to make themselves functional in a world where cyberimplants are as unreliable as the post-its that represent them

Road Rage by Tina Heebøll Arbjørn

Two cars irritate each other so much that the anger boils over and escalates to actions that have consequences on the road.

Star Wars – A New Home by Stefan Lerbech

Play the well known Iconic Heroes of star wars in this Scratch card based Roleplaying game.

The Tea Party by Denise Brødløs Færge and Ida Mia Thylstrup

A scenario concerning the fight to rule who you want to be and then the escape to wonderland when you fail who you are.

Full length 

Aokigahara by Rasmus Høgdall

A family has journeyed into a dark magical world to seek the answer to whatever they are alive or dead.

Birkenau by Jonas Sanberg Jensen

They took your watch, your shoes and your humanity. Will you resist, as your music leads countless to the gas chamber?

The Flowers on Svanevej by Jorgo Kapow

Three friends go out a Saturday in February. It will be a night out they will never forget. Just like all those other nights out. This is a game about struggling for and with your own identity and the right to define it yourself.

Christmas on the Moons by Michael Mørk

They year 2093, the Moon. What should have been a cozy week of work during christmas was turned into a nightmare, as a research center was attacked by an alien. After a desperate fight the last five survivors managed to escape towards the nearest colony, unaware that the true nightmare has yet to begin.

The Queen on the Emerald Throne by Kristian Bach Petersen and Stefan Skriver Lægteskov

In a Victorian Age where the world is controlled by Gods that walk the Earth, a small group of freedom fighters try to ignite a revolution by assassinating the Queen of England. But the battle against cosmic evil inevitably leaves wounds on body, mind and soul.

Wilting of the Lotus Empire By Louis Kehlet & Louise Floor Frellesen
A grand character drama about power, honour, and friendship, which takes place in a fantasy version of Asia. The players explore the tragic fate of the characters through duels, flashbacks, and intrigues on a backdrop of politically charged conflict.

The Hollow Hills and the Sea by Troels Ken Pedersen

Can a divided noble family save Britain from Merlin’s dark prophecy of a new Saxon invasion? Or will they only make it worse?

Sons of the North by Marie Wolfsberg Oscilowski and Thor Fejerskov Jensen

Sons of the North is about friendship, unity and the fight to what your worth, when nobody
believes you can triumph.

Joan the Vampire Slayer by Kristoffer Rudkjær and Mads Brynnum

Joan The Vampire Slayer is a game about 17 years old Joan. During the day she’s an ordinary high school student in the 50’s Midwest, but at night she fights vampires and other demons with her friends. The players take the roles of Joan and her friends, and together they are up against the main villain of the season. But it’s one thing to fight evil, and something else entirely to navigate through life as a teenager with all the drama it entails. The game is obviously an homage to the tv-series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and like the original the story spans an entire season. We follow Joan and her friends in selected episodes from the season opener to the final showdown against the big bad.

Kobanî by Signe Løndahl Hertel

The female Kurdish freedom fighters will have to face their own lives as they push the enemy towards the edge of their hometown.

Hobbyhorse by Nynne Søs Rasmussen

Three teenage girls are struggling with their insecurities, but they might be able to find strength, friendship and community though their quirky interest in hobbyhorsing.

Among Us by Nina Runa Essendrop

A poetic and sensuous scenario about human loneliness and about the angels who long for the profound beauty which is found in every human life.

No Thing to Fear by Brand Robins and Moyra Turkington

A Pixar style journey, where a tortoise, an egret, and a very loud baby hippo travel across an amazing and dangerous land to the Green World, where all their hopes and dreams will come true. Certainly nothing can go wrong. Certainly there is nothing to fear.

Redshift by Tayler Stokes

A space crew undertakes a desperate mission to save human civilization in order to get a second chance at life that they don’t deserve.

Sisyfos by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

Four aspects of Anders argue over what the meaning of life is, if any, while reality crumbles around him.

Doors of the Silver Key by Thais Munk

Five ex-cultists have to flee into the Dreamlands in a desperate search for a way to escape their former worship of the Old Ones.

The Naked Truth by Arttu Hanska and Joonas Katko

The heat of sauna allows four men to open up about their emotions and vulnerabilities in an understated feel-good drama about Finnish masculinity.

Ten Thousand Light Years from Home by Morten Havmøller Laursen

Four sentient spaceships carry the hopes of their creators as they desperately try to discover a mythical home planet near the center of the galaxy. The trials they face on this journey will crush them – but with each death the ships will be forged anew, reshaped by their resurrection.

Buzzkill and BlueEyes by Marie Skouenborg

Aomame goes on magical adventures with her two friends, BuzzKill and BlueEyes, while
her parents, Kanta and Satsuki, tries to find a way to handle Granny’s illness.

Unaccompanied by Simon James Pettitt

When Civil War reaches Homestead, a small group of children must flee from all that they have known, and journey to The Foreign Land. As a player you will be walking in a dark forest, and experience the children’s journey on your own body

Gone by Klaus Meier Olsen

Lise has dementia and disappears slowly from the world, while her family watches