Requirements: Participation is both days. Sign-up is mandatory.
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When: Thursday the 9th of April 9.00-21.00 and Friday the 10th of April 9.00-17.30

Where: Paradis

Price: 50 DKK

Fastawar 2020 is a warhammer 40.000 tournament for up to 32 players. We’ll be using the ETC missions, rulespack and FAQ and will be playing fully paited armies of 2000 points (if you’re in doubt about painting standards or conversion legality – contact the TO’s). The tables will be aproximated representatives of the ETC table setups.

Everyone can participate as long as they can provide dice, a set of objectives, a set of maelstromcards, a range ruler, all the relevant rules for their army and a painted warhammer 40.000 army worth 2000 points 🙂

The event will be taking place thursday the 9th of april 9:00-21:00 and friday the 10th of april 9:00-17:30. Participation is only possible if you’re able to attend both days.