Monsters from all around the world have come to dine in your tavern. Seat the fiends, and feed them to earn their gratitude!
The player who has earned the most gratitude when the table is full will be declared the winner!

  • Duration: 30 min

  • Participants: 2

  • Language: No text in the game (English rules)

  • Digital platform: Tabletop Simulator. You must purchase and install this software before you can play.

  • Other platform: Tabletopia. Contact us during Fastaval if you wish to play here.


Feasting Fiends is an abstract 2-player game where players will be serving food and seating Fiends (guests) by a table in your tavern. Players score gratitude points for seating fiends by the table, matching foods with whatever is depicted inside the fiend’s speech bubble.

If a player manages to manipulate the foods so that the fiends desire perfectly matches (order and type) the foods on the table, the player will gain a beneficial bonus!

The tavern will be visited by four differently colored types of fiends, each favoring a specific type of food. The fiend’s color is significant, for when a perfect match occurs, that fiend will become flipped, showing a VP symbol, increasing the gained gratitude for any future scoring of that particular food.

As the game progresses, the value of certain foods will fluctuate, earning the players more gratitude. However, players must attempt to meet the needs of the four different types, for, at the end of the game, players will earn a bigger end game bonus if they have earned their gratitude from all kinds of fiends.

The game ends when the table can no longer fit any more foods. The player with the most gratitude is declared the winner of Feasting Fiends.

Gameplay works in such a way that each player has four action cards at their disposal. Each of the actions will always add food to the table. Whenever an action has been used, it is exhausted and cannot be used again until the players choose to refresh it by making a perfect match with a fiend or using the specific refresh action card.

Some of the actions will also let players play Fiend-Cards from their hands, trying to match the foods as well as possible and earn the players the gratitude needed to win the game. Other actions will let players draw new Fiend-cards to their hands or manipulate cubes on the table.

About the designer

Kenny has a background in construction work, but is now a UX-design student living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Kenny was introduced to Catan in 2012 and has since been playing many different games. Some of his favourites are Troyes, Endeavor and Heaven and Ale. As a game designer, he designs with focus on interactive systems and creating interesting choices for players.

About the designer

Kristian has a masters degree in programming and game development that has mostly been unused for over a decade. In recent years, he has once again picked up game development and has in 2020 created two publishing companies Demonic Games and Lemonic Games. Demonic Games first game: Goetia: Nine Kings of Solomon will be released in 2021 Q1.

In addition: Kristian also has a couple of games cooking with other publishers that might see the light of day in 2022/23.

Kristian will never turn down a game of “Puerto Rico” or “Lords of Waterdeep”.