Flick Race is a merciless racing game, where you not only have to be fast, but also play tactically and with cunning, in a dexterity race to the finishing line.

The players start by cooperatively building the race track, with the basic elements: Check points, teleporters and obstacles. Any smooth surface can be part of the track. To flesh out the track, any available object, for example books, marker pens, or rulers, can be used to build features such as jumps, tunnels, rebounds and shortcuts – your imagination is the limit.

Once the race is on, it’s a fight to get to the finish by flicking your car along the track. But Flick Race is a game of dirty tricks, and anything is allowed to run your opponents of the track. During the race you can collect power-ups, to smash, derail and generally annoy the other drivers. Because as always in racing: If you want to finish first, first you have to finish.

About the designers:
Simon Konski
Simon is part game designer and part entrepreneur and a fan of objectively stupid things. He used to work with advertising and social media, but now he focuses solely on spreading the gospel of board games as he is one half of the team behind the card game Det Dårlige Selskab (aka the danish CAH). When he has the time, he plays games such as The Resistance and Munchkin, and everything that gives him a chance to stab his friends in the back.

This is Simons first time to Fastaval.

Jeppeh Olsen
Jeppeh is part game designer and part entrepenuer and likes to create seemingly useless things on his computer. He is educated in programming computer games and he is the other half of the team behind the card game Det Dårlige Selskab (aka the danish CAH). He loves to play games that has a minimum of rules and a lot of social interaction, and also chess. He is also one of the designers behind the danish board game Plingo.

Jeppeh has been hearing the whispers about Fastaval for some years, but has never been there.