Midlife Crisis is the sequel to Fog of Love, covering events years after a colourful couple has met and fallen in love. Four players steer the two conflicted characters through ? or into ? a dramatic midlife crisis. Each character is controlled by two players, inner voices, struggling to reconcile differing goals and dreams. Initially you dont know what the other inner voices want.

The game starts with the players defining the two central characters. Then you play a story consisting of every day and dramatic scenes.

Each scene has choices. One player per character secretly decides what is at stake for each choice while the two other players decide what to do. Some choices will likely be imbued with peril and drama. If the right choices are made, the relationship will flourish. Else you might see your dreams shatter one by one.
Hopefully you will find a way to make the relationship work and fulfil your dreams. Each player has multiple ultimate goals ? destinies ? to aim for and will slowly whittle them down to a final destiny that will decide how their part of the story ends. The players actions are strongly intertwined and their destinies interdependent. Like a real relationship nobody can do it on their own.

Fog of Love ? Midlife Crisis is very thematic and encourages role-playing. Since two players define each character, you will have rich opportunity to go deep and dramatize the inner life of the conflicted characters.

Keywords: Role-playing, simultaneous action selection, deduction.

 About the designer:
Jacob Jaskov has for many years worked with behaviour design, knowledge processes, innovation and strategy in his boutique consulting company The Behaviour Bureau.

He is strongly interested in making games that reflect real life and create strong narrative experiences. His games are based on deep research into relevant psychological mechanisms, real life micro interactions and narrative structures.

His first board game Fog of Love was made for Fastaval 2015 and is now a commercial success. It allows him now to dedicate most of his time to game development and publishing.