Players/GM 5 players, one GM

Time 5-6 hours

Language Danish and English

Age limit None

How much do you have to read Approximately 1-2 pages per player.

Written for Fastaval 2003

Otto-awards: Best Scenario

On a street corner in Bremen, a hunched over musician stands. His coattails are worn, but gold glimmers in his smile. His nails are broken, black, but his fingers dance nimbly over a heavy accordion . Broken notes fill the street, ask the papers and withered leaves for a dance in the moonless night. 

”The story never ends as iiit once diiid! Sleeping Beauty braids princes behind the saaaafe hedge of her smock.” The voice is hoarse, cutting, his breath heavy with absinth and smoke. The tune struggles against the wheezing rhythm of the bellows, stumbles like a drunkard between the notes. ”Heeere is the heart the briefcase queen gaaave as pleeedge  And here is a fool dancing angrily at the sponsor king’s taable.” An opera, a mass, a windblown street song.

”The queen of the elves moved to otium hiiiilll. And the Fisherman’s Wife found a soft, modern maaaaan.”

The last note beats against closed shutters. Silence. Shining rodent eyes in the shadows of his waistcoat. Maybe the accordion is a flute in his rough hands. ”The story is here, even though you were never in a movie.” Slow, calm words beneath his glittering eyes.

”Tale me, and I will tale you.” 

If no one knows your story, who are you even?

A modern fairy tale about the power of storytelling and will

Tale Me is written by 

Alex Uth og Jorgo A. Larsen