Run and jump across the city high-rise to spray your tags.
In this parkour board game you have to deckbuild and move on a 3d game board,
where heights are crucial to your progress through the city.

  • Duration: 90 min (roughly 20 min per player)

  • Participants2-4

  • Language: No ingame text – rules in English and Danish

  • Digital platform: Tabletop Simulator. You must purchase and install this software before you can play.

  • Other platform: Tabletopia. Contact us during Fastaval if you wish to play here.


Jump, climb, and run your way up and down the city skyline in this map based deck-building game, where you compete with your friends doing parkour and graffiti. Play cards, learn new moves and let your body flow through the city.

Go for heavy training and acquire the most expensive cards with double colors and double moves. Place obstructions on the buildings for your friends to struggle with. Go sleek and trim your deck off starter cards and exhaustion cards. Be a dove and jump across construction sites. Be proactive and enhance your hand size, ready for a killer move.

Each turn you will play all cards of one color, so strategic deck building is paramount. Each card is multi-use with a normal action and an action that will grant you an exhaustion card in a random color. At the end of your turn, you will get the bonus from the building you ended your turn on.

Get to the ground and get new spray cans, get to the top to paint your tag. Gain one time bonuses from small tags, get big points from wall pieces. Get better, get faster, get good, in the pulse of Marseille, there is only one winner.

About the designer

Bastian Borup is an anthropologist and part-time game designer, running events in Copenhagen and pitching a ton of new games to publishers every year in the hunt of first publication.

About the designer

It’s the third time Otto has succeeded in being invited to participate in the Fastaval board game design contest. Most recently in 2018 with the game ‘Antasia’ that ended up winning the Otto for most innovative board game. All three games have been about movevent. He obviously thinks that board game design is a fantastic way to live out with the shortcomings of his life.

Otto is 50 years old, and does not primarily live on fish caught in the Antarctic Ocean.