Requirements: You have to be present during the upstart and the deadline for Game Rush 

Maximum 16 participants 

Tidspunkter: Wednesday 8.00 pm – Friday 11.00 pm  

Where: The physics room down the basement at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium. Follow the signs in the Info

Price: Free


Wednesday 8-9.00 pm

  • Check-in and handing out of components
  • Talk by Jeppe Norsker  “Don’t Panic”

Friday 8- 11.00 pm

  • Deadline. You play your game with the judges and the other participants.

Sunday evening

  • The award is presented on stage to the winner at the big Otto Award Party.

Wednesday – Friday

  • We have our very own room to work in with different craft tools and such available to use. Access is unrestricted, day and night, Wednesday to Friday.

We hand you the components from a published board game, from which you must design your very own board game – in just 48 hours between Wednesday and Friday evening.

We start with an introduction from Jeppe Norsker (50 Clues, Match Madness, Bermuda Pirates), who will kick things off with the talk “Don’t Panic”

The deadline is Friday night, where you will present your game, in person, to the judges – so you won’t need to finish a set of written rules.

On Sunday at the big Otto Awards Party, the winner will be announced and be presented on stage with the Egg Award (a symbol of an aspiring talent). Along with the award the winner will also get an automatic entry into next years “big” board game design competition at Fastaval (just 24 of 133 pitches was accepted for Fastaval 2020).

Note: The number of participants for Game Rush is limited to 16. Please only sign up if you realistically want to create and design a board game, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday, in between all the other stuff that goes on at Fastaval.

This years judges who will give you feedback on your game and pick the winner is:

  • Jeppe Norsker (50 Clues, Match Madness, Bermuda Pirates)
  • Erik Andersson Sundén (Whirling Witchcraft)
  • Mads Fløe (Ka Pai)