Game Design 2019

Follow in the footsteps of Spiel des Jahres 2017 nominee “Magic Maze” and the first Wallmart exclusive board game “Fog of Love”. Both games debuted at Fastaval, Denmark’s biggest game convention. Fastaval 2019 will once again showcase the most creative and innovative board games – and we want your game to be one of them!

Parts pr Million (2018)

What is Fastaval?
Every easter Fastaval brings together 800 gaming geeks from more than 10 countries for 5 days of roleplaying, board games and random geekiness. Fastaval has been held since 1986 and the 2018 edition will be the 32nd.

We want to provide Fastaval’s participants with a wide selection of games. Fastaval’s participants are a very diverse crowd, from roleplayers with little board game experience to hardcore eurogamers, from casual gamers to miniature gamers. We welcome all kinds of games, from social games to immersive narratives, creative party games, innovative eurogames, dexterity games and much more.

Why submit your game to Fastaval?
You get to have your game showcased at Fastaval and will be eligible to win the Otto awards for Best board game and most innovative board game. If you can’t attend, we will explain the rules to players and systematically gather feedback for you from the players.

Rising Sands (2018)

When your pitch has been accepted, we will help you make a design plan for your game and provide feedback throughout the design process. We have a network of specialist who can help you with everything from game design, balancing, interaction design, graphical design and production – depending on the needs of your specific game.


What should be in the pitch?
In the pitch we want you to focus on the following;
– What makes your game special and different from other games?
– What do you want the players to experience playing the game?
– Current state of development.
– Pictures or sketches of your current prototype, if any.

We have a preference for games that are different from what is already out there (experimental is very welcome) and have gone through at least one round of playtest.

Please include the name of the game, your contact information (email, phone and facebook information) and your general area of residence. You are free to add any other information you find relevant.

Le Mans Team Manager (2017)

Put all the information in a pdf in the following format [Title] – [your name].pdf and send it to

The deadline for submitting pitches for games is Friday the 31st of August 23:59 Danish time (CEST/GMT+1)

If you have any questions, please contact us at