It is not enough that a new board game is fun and has high production value. It has to stand out which can be difficult with thousands of new games launched on the market every year. But how do you get a good idea for a new board game?

In this workshop we try out various brainstorming techniques. The goal is that we create at least ten good ideas and that we learn about tools to create new ideas for games. Everyone is free to work on the ideas that emerge. It will be crazy and fun.

Faciltator: Jeppe Norsker

Jeppe is a board game designer. He holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Architecture

degree and makes a living primarily developing learning games for the education sector and private companies. Jeppe is also the inventor of Match Madness, Shadow Blocks and a couple of new board games soon to be released. His game 50 Clues: The Pendulum of the Dead is on the programme for Fastaval 2019.