A team of Ghostbusters in 1889 Victorian London. A light-hearted character-based action scenario focusing on friendship and teamwork within a complicated team of colorful individuals.

Keywords: Victorian – Ghost hunters – Friendship

London, 1889. Following a rise in supernatural phenomenon and spiritualist craze, a group of scientists and psychics creates the Ghostbuster initiative, the first company dedicated to fighting the preternatural menace. The scenario is a light-hearted, character-driven adventure, which is a riff on the Ghostbusters franchise in a steampunk Victorian setting.
Characters will follow a classic Hollywood blockbuster 3-act stories in a blend of personal, more intimate moments and action scenes. Though starting as diverse and sometimes adverse personalities, how will they learn to work together to defeat a major threat through the power of friendship?

Player type: you like interacting as colorful characters through personal interactions more than pure action or intrigue. You enjoy action that is narrative and cinematic more than mechanics-based. You may have a nostalgic fondness for the Ghostbusters franchise, but no knowledge of the original Ghostbusters is necessary to play the game.

About the author:
Muriel Algayres is a French larp designer currently residing in Denmark. She has been a larp organizer and designer for 14 years. She is the main creator behind Harem Son Saat, and was also a character writer for Suffragettes and Fairweather Manor. Her short formats have been featured at the Smoke and Grenselandet, with games such as Flowers of May, Sorority, and Between Limbo and the Veil. Her games favor character-driven narratives with a melodramatic tone, mostly in historically-inspired settings. This is her first scenario for Fastaval.

About the scenario:
Number of players: 6 players and 1 GM
Play time: 4 hours
Age limit: 13+
Language of player materials: Danish and English
Language of GM materials: English
Amount of reading: approximately 2 pages