Medieval spellcasters use mind control charms on one another to cope with chaos. Despite hurting others, they have a chance to heal from their own trauma & redeem themselves. Play is movement based.

Players/GM 8-30 players + 1 facilitator

Time 4 hours

Language English with Danish translation for player-facing materials

Age limit 16+

How much do you have to read Two pages 

  • Movement based

  • Abstract

  • Mind control


In the old, old, half forgotten times, magical beings spin helplessly through realms of music and magic. Tragic are they! These wizards, fae, humans, and magical animals do not see that they already possess the power to change themselves. To take control of their vulnerable situation, each group dominates the minds of the others in turn, each more wickedly than the last. Mind control scars both the bound and the bonder, but each has a chance to heal. In the end, only True Love can redeem them and break their bonds. When they have the chance to escape, will they want to?

Glamourous Night is about hurting others, and having a chance to redeem yourself. It is an abstract, mostly non-verbal game that is played to music. Players use two movement techniques to resolve their character’s conflicts: mutual spellcasting and mind control. Players will be on their feet and moving during most of the two hour workshop and the 90 minute game. The setting is Ars Magica, but no lore is needed to play.

The designer

Jon Cole first fell in love with emotionally affecting meta techniques and Ninaform at Fastaval. When he’s not roleplaying Jon studies contact improv, consensual power exchange, and recovery from trauma.