The gods of antiquity attend therapy to work through their identity crisis. It is not easy seeing yourself portrayed in the latest superhero movies, but it is even worse when you start becoming like the characters from the film.

Players/GM 5 players + 1 GM

Time 2 hours

Language Danish and English

Age limit None

How much do you have to read Only own role 

  • Mythology

  • Pop-culture

  • Comedy


“Do you understand now?” Freja exclaimed after a longer explanation of her problems. “Yes, you’re afraid that everyone sees you as a dumb bimbo.” said the therapist. Freja looked understanding for a moment, before her posture changed drastically. “No honey, I’m mad that Zeusie-Pouchie over here hasn’t offered me his lightning bolt yet”. Zeus was about to protest but suddenly he transformed, and took the shape of an Olympian Don Juan who commented slyly on Freja’s outburst. That was the fifth time that day.

The ancient gods suffer from split personalities, that divides them between their personalities from the ancient world and their new pop culture identities. A therapist tries to help the gods but it is hard when the gods are more busy arguing about their past than they are with solving their problems. Can the gods unite the two aspects of themselves or are they bound to suffer a fate worse than death – a CGI filled adaptation with Hollywood’s A-list in culturally appropriated roles.

The designer

Martin is 20 years old and works as a supersoldier at Bifrost – the association for creative development of children and youths. This will be Martin’s second game at Fastaval. He has previously written the Lady-winning game “The A-List”.