Strange fledgling creatures fight for a place in the spawning pool. The humans call them “Hellspawns”! But they are simply organisms using the tools of nature in the battle for survival, where only the fastest, strongest or most intelligent will prevail.

  • Duration: 1 hour (2-player duel), 2,5 hours (4-player team match).

  • Player count: 2 player duel, 4-player team match, 2-4 coop mode

  • Language: English


In Hellspawn, each player controls a creature that strives to grow and outperform its siblings in a battle to become the strongest. In the basic game, 2 players fight in a duel. Game variants also allow for 3 and 4 players to compete, and an opportunity to play coop against the game.

In the game you build a creature from multiple body parts. For each part you add, you also expand your collection of dice, and in each turn you can use dice and cards to perform an action. The dice show special symbols, with each giving the player a specific action. Examples of actions are: attacks, healing, drawing more cards, increasing your energy resource, removing dice from the opponent, or increasing your intelligence rating.

You can win a game in a variety of ways, and your strategy must be designed and adjusted according to the victory conditions you and your opponent are going for. Are you building a creature bent on violence, or are you trying to win with intelligence points or energy deposits?

You will experience a close and tense duel, where you constantly try to outmaneuver your opponent. You will also experience the fun of shaping a strange creature from different body parts. The depth of the game lies in learning and mastering the dice system and in learning how to use dice manipulation and cards at the right time to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses.

Hellspawn is inspired by games like Magic the Gathering, Star Wars: Destiny and Dice Throne. So if you’re into these kind of games, Hellspawn will probably be for you, too.

About the designer

Allan has worked with computer games since the mid 90’s, and now works as an advisor for start-up companies in the Danish computer games industry.

Allan loves to play and design board games. He enjoys games like Bloodbowl, Caverna, Wingspan, Gloomhaven and Pathfinder.

Allan had his first board game Itchy Monkey published in 2018, and hopes to have more games out over the next couple of years. Allan has participated at Fastaval with board game designs since 2016.