The GDS (DIY) system

Fastaval is made by all of us for all of us, and GDS (“Gør-Det-Sammen “= “Do-It-Together”) is how we help each other make Fastaval the amazing experience it is.

Everybody is required to sign on for different small jobs during Fastaval.  It may sound like annoying work, but it’s easy work and and you will meet lots of nice people when you for example help in the Kiosk or participate to the Dishwashing larp.

This is how the system works:  You must sign up for at least one GDS task during your signup for the convention. One task is mandatory, unless you are already a designer, writer, organiser or working in another capacity for Fastaval. You can sign up for any number of tasks, and you can also sign up to be “Super-GDS” if you’re available for any random emergencies that might crop up during Fastaval.


Fire watch (day): An 18+ task that also requires that you can bring a cell phone. You get to make sure no fires break out in the dormitories. Usually, fires tend to not happen, so bringing a good book would be wise.

Service and food handling: 

  • Kiosk crew: Arranging candy, selling stuff and making toasts. An extremely good way to meet your fellow Fastaval-goers.
  • Food crew: Setting up for the breakfast and and dinner
  • Café: Helping out backstage in the Café Duck Soup Café. Dishwashing, making tapas and so on.
  • Party crew: Help arranging the party food for the Otto party Sunday. Making tapas, drinks, midnight snacks etc.
  • James: Waiters at the Otto party – fetching wine, serving snacks, assisting guests. Be a part of a time-honored tradition at Fastaval.

Moving stuff:

  • Setting up the Bazaar: Quick and easy job. Mostly moving tables and so on.
  • Setting up for the Otto party: Moving tables and chairs, decorations, making the room look party-like and awesom


  • Dishwashing: Also known as the longest running LARP on Fastaval, the Dishwashing Larp. A very unique experience, especially during the Otto party. 
  • Dustbuster:  Fight Chaos! Wear cool cleaning gear! This is a good shot at getting to know the Dirtbusters from the inside. Also a perfect way to visit all the toilets at the venue.
  • Closing down: A rather important task: cleaning and closing down the parts of the venue we don’t need any longer Saturday and Sunday. This drastically decreases the time we have to spend cleaning the venue Monday.