Rich aunts and uncles

It is not a secret that making Fastaval costs lots and lots of money. The event is made possible by lots of volunteering and love… and a big pile of gold. A handful of participants have chosen to give a bit extra, and for that we can make a lot more great experiences for you all. These are our rich aunts and uncles, who have chosen to pay little bit extra to make it possible for the others to participate with lesser cost.

We are very, very thankful for our rich aunts and uncles, and send all our love to them!

Want to be one of Fastaval’s Rich Aunts or Uncles? It’s very easy: you will be asked during signup if you would like to donate extra money to Fastaval. Just click yes, and the penguins will love you to bits.

Rige tanter og onkler

Photo: FastavalFoto