Writers and designers

One of the social cores of Fastaval has for many years been the scenarios, both tabletop roleplaying and LARP. We introduce approximately 30 scenarios every year written especially for Fastaval, both by individuals and writer communities. The positive scenario experience is based on more than two decades worth of traditions in creating, writing and telling unique stories.

In 2012 a new initiative was created: Boardgame design. 14 designers present their creations on Fastaval this year. You participate in creating a unique experience for your fellow Fastaval-participants as a card-/board game designer and you are also part of building a whole new Fastaval tradition.

The environment surrounding Fastaval means that both groups have ample opportunity to meet, exchange thoughts and help each other both before and after Easter. A cabin trip, game tests and brainstorms will be arranged and you will rarely feel left alone with your idea. There is room for you and a need for you whether you are a newbie or a veteran.

As a scenario writer or board game designer you have to turn in a synopsis (approximately one page) around autumn. Currently Fastaval has the challenge of receiving far more synopses than there is room for in the game blocks and therefore some will unfortunately not be accepted.

If your scenario synopsis is chosen then you have to turn in a preview and a finished scenario well before Fastaval. If your board game is chosen then you have to turn in a preview in January and approximately 14 days before Fastaval you have to turn in the rules of the game. The game itself should just be ready for Fastaval itself.


The call will soon be going out for scenario ideas for Fastaval 2017. Read more here (only in Danish)