Earth is under siege and superheroes (the players) have been summoned to defend it. Some heroes have come from long forgotten mythology, others from distant alien worlds and lastly some have travelled through time itself to defend Earth.

  • Duration: 60-120 min. – with rule explanation.

  • Player count: 2-4

  • Language: English


In HeroVerse, players take the roles as superheroes that defend Earth in an urban environment. You start by building your own Superhero right down to the name of your hero by simple picking 2 herocards with multisided names, attribute and origins. Based on your choice you also assemble your starting deck. The starting deck can get stronger with new card as you through progress gain access to them. The cards you have are multipurposed and can be utilized in different ways.

HeroVerse is a fairly fast paced coop deckbuilding game in a superhero themed universe where players can use superpowers like lifting cars and jumping from building to building while saving civilians and battling aliens and robots in an urban environment. The game has a board of an urban environment with objects, civilians and enemies the players can interact with. The players win with they have achieved the mission objective for the scenario.

About the designer

Father to two boys/padawans Adam and Alex, Head of Entrepreneurship at the Danish Business Authorities and a huge fan of board games and board gamers.

Stefan have been playing games all his life but first started dabbling with game design in 2016. He loves games that have a strong link between theme and mechanics and strive to create games that does this.

His first published game “Knight Tales” will come on Kickstarter in early 2020 and is published with Voodoo Games. Knight Tales was also in the Fastaval Boardgame competition of 2018 and was nominated for “Game of the year”.