At the first light of dawn, witches and wizards from across the lands have gathered in all their strength. Old and young, master and apprentice, all prepared for the greatest showdown of the century… in friendly competition!

  • Duration: 30-40 min/player (incl. rules and play time) 

  • Player count: 2-5

  • Language: English (no language dependence, except rules)


In Hexed, you will play as one of the master magicians in an epic friendly competition of who can cast the coolest, most flashy spells. To help you, you have a swarm of apprentices, eager to run errands for you.

During the game, you will have to plan ahead in order to finish spells in the energy puzzle as effectively as possible. But you will also have to make sure no one else is going to finish the spells you are working on before you are able to cast them.

Hexed is a worker placement and puzzle game. A race, for both energy and for completing and presenting spells first, with just enough thinkyness when trying to combine spells in your energy puzzle to scratch that itch so many board gamers have.

Every turn, you place your apprentices (workers) on different locations containing different types of energy, place the energy in a pattern in front of you and try to match the pattern of multiple revealed spell cards. When you manage to match a spell, you need to place an apprentice in the queue to cast the spell in front of the judges, who will grant you points. Then you get working on more spells, building on what is already in front of you.

If someone has already presented the spell in question, the judges will grant you fewer points. However, if the spell has been cast twice, don’t even bother. The judges won’t be impressed.

Get ready for a game of out-thinking and out-puzzling your opponents!

About the designer

Hanna is a freelancing graphic designer with a huge passion for everything board game related. She can’t play a new game without analyzing the graphic design of it as she goes, sometimes to the slight annoyance of her fellow board gamers who just want to get on with playing.

This is her first year participating at Fastaval, and as of now she has no released titles, but multiple works in progress in addition to Hexed. Her greatest inspiration for new board game ideas is the picture reel on her Chromecast and when working on her games she always try to capture a certain feeling, both in the mechanics and the theme. Ever since she started designing her own games, she has challenged herself to try as many new games with as many new mechanics as possible. She has found that her favourite games are those that are quick to learn, but hard to master and would usually rather play multiple rounds of a short game than one that takes four hours (but once in a while one day could mean one long game).

About the designer

Alexander is a programmer who’s always had a great interest in games. During his spare time he’s probably playing something, if not at his computer then probably at a table somewhere in the house. He might also be painting some Warhammer models for yet more gaming later.

Alexander loves huge, complex games with a lot of rules, mainly because it usually means there is a lot you can do and choose, but he also likes smaller games that can be more easily fit into everyday life.

Hexed is one of the first games he’s worked on designing, and usually he acts as a back-up designer for Hanna and brainstormer for mechanics.