By the Forest is the story of four friends and their summer before college. It is about entering adulthood, to believe in yourself, about the hard choices in life and the consequences of those choices.

Keywords: Coming of age – Drama – Friendship

For a moment during the party, the four of us meet. With our arms around each other, we listen to Victor as he shouts how great it is that we are all leaving for Copenhagen together. We all echo his enthusiasm. We are going, together! We have a deal.

By the Forest is about four young men who live in a small town on the outskirts of Rold Forest. The final exams are over and they have all graduated. A summer with beer, friends and freedom is ahead. Throughout high school, a strong friendship have emerged. They have all agreed to leave for Copenhagen to start college life together.

We follow the friends in the joyful moments of summertime, but also when expectations and dreams fail. When friendship, love, family and future must come together. The scenario is about being young, about the balance between the desire to be together and the need to stand on your own. About making decisive choices, about the fear of personal failure, about family, expectations and entering adulthood.

About the author:
Rasmus was in 2016 co-author on the Fastaval scenario Until We Find Him. Rasmus is now writing on his own, and is with this coming of age story exploring the theme of entering adulthood.

About the scenario:
Number of players: 4 players and 1 GM
Play time: 4-5 hours
Age limit: 15+
Language of player materials: Danish and English
Language of GM materials: Danish
Amount of reading: 4+ pages