Requierements: None, though you are encouraged to sign up

When: Wednesday at 19.00

Where: The main entrance at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium

Price: Free

Is it your first time at Fastaval? Maybe you don’t remember where all the rooms are, or you’ve always wondered about something but you’ve never gotten the answer to your questions.

Join us for our introductory tour! We’ll take you around the premises and show you where to play games, where to get information, where to eat and drink, and where to relax and sleep.

The English Language Fastaval tour will take place Wednesday, 7pm sharp, and begin at the front entrance in the common area. It will be finished in time to start our first games at 8pm.

Signup is appreciated, so we have an idea how many we’ll be, but is not required. So don’t be shy!