In this breakneck racing game you will build and drive a fast and unsafe car, quickly assembled by random scrap pieces. A chaotic game high speed gameplay for 3-6 players.

  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

  • Player count3-6

  • Language: English


Junkyard Mayhem is a racing game for 3-6 players. In the game, each player will have a car, built from basic car parts and from strange scrap parts. Enjoy the chaos and the rush of wind through your hair with explosive car-skeletons, spike-coated car-bodies and bomb-driven generators. Feel the lust for revenge come over you, as your tires get blown up by opposing players. See the relevance of your choices in each dice roll, and then do it all again for another round.

The game is divided into two rounds: one where you build your car and one where you race it against the other players. You start the game with a car made out of five basic car parts. The parts are hull, frame, motor, tires and weapon. Then players divide scrap pieces between each other and exchange parts of their car with the new ones. Central to the race phase is the constant balance of weight and dice, as both are extremely important to keep in mind if you want to move forward. The atmosphere of the game is fully built on the sense of speed, and this is exactly what permeates every element of the game.

About the designers

For the first time in the history of Fastaval, Østerskov Boardingschool, a local gaming school in Hobro, has been invited to bring a board game to Fastaval. This year, three students have taken up the challenge and are fully committed to showing their school as worthy.

The designers are: Jeppe Meier Johansen, Kristian Fabricius and Tobias Ritzau.

  • Jeppe attends Østerskov for his third year in a row, and is at Fastaval for the second time.
  • Kristian is in his second year of high school, and going to Fastaval for the first time to present the game.
  • Tobias also goes to Østerskov in his second year, and is very much looking forward to presenting the game during his first year at Fastaval.