Requirements: Sign-up is required. Decks can be borrowed. 

When: Saturday, 15.00 – 18.00

Where: The Board Game Cafe in Otto’s Coffee Inn

Price: Free

The battle for The Crucible is about to begin.

Keyforge is a card game designed by the legendary Richard Garfield who among other things is known for creating Magic the Gathering.. Here you play semi-divine entities fighting for dominion of the mashed up world of the crucible where you are as likely to encounter orc and demons and starship officers.

Unlike Magic you do not build your own deck but instead every deck you buy is unique thanks to an advanced computer algorithm. So if you are not that much into deckbuilding but still like card games with action and strategy then come and try Keyforge. No need to know the rules and if you don’t own your own deck you are welcome to borrow one from us.