In the space ship cemetery accumulated in the Earth’s Lagrange point players compete to collect valuable scrap for drone and ship upgrades.

  • Duration: 60-75 mins.

  • Player count3-5

  • Language: rules in English, otherwise language independent, as in game text is solely for flavour


After a great space battle, the fleets of the Earth manage to drive the aliens away at least for the moment. Now the important thing for the nations of the Earth is to rebuild their fleets before the aliens return in full force.

Lagrange is a game where players compete to plunder and repair as much as possible before the game ends. Players each control a simple drone which collects valuables in the cemetery of spaceships that have gathered in the Earth’s Lagrange point. With the scrap the drone can be upgraded to be more efficient and the mothership can be repaired, both of which increase the chances of winning. There is a wealth of strategies, combinations of upgrades and the opportunity to loot a spaceship ahead of the competition.

The spaceship cemetery is a large grid of randomly generated ships. To claim the resources on board a ship the challenges onboard must first be dealt with. How easy it is to overcome the challenges depend on the upgrades on the drone.

The setup of the spaceship cemetery forces players to adapt their strategy from game to game. Whether to design a drone that is specifically targeted against the dangerous aliens which lurk on some ships, or whether to go for a fast drone or one that is particularly apt at plundering, is entirely up to each player.

As the game progresses the player adds more and more modules and abilities to their drone. This increases the options, and challenges that were impossible before may now be overcome as the player optimizes their drone to this particular setup of the game.

About the designers

Morten “Muyten” Andersen, Tina Christensen, Claes Schütt og Troels Vastrup are part of the design collective Among Meeples. They were all part of the group that created and published the game Colonies in 2012. In different constellations they previously participated in the Fastaval board game design competition with 7 Days (2018) and Heirs (2013) which was kickstarted and released in 2015 with the title Among Nobles.

Muyten has more than 500 board game in his collection, acts as guru, organiser and jury and has for more than a decade been main organiser of the board game cafe at Fastaval. He explains more board games than tåååst (toast) sold at Fastaval. In 2013 he participated with the board game Last Stand.

Tina is one of the driving forces behind Mahjong Danmark and is again this year on the organising team for the Fastaval designer board game. She answers the met office fan mail regarding chemtrails and frequents UN assemblies when climate is on the agenda.

Claes has the super power that every time he opens a beer it overflows. Every. Single. Time. Together with Muyten and two others he wrote the Battlestar Galactica role playing scenario Under Suspicion. For a living he teaches technical high scool students the art of beer brewing and use of lasers.

Troels bothers people with facts on the bad state of the environment and the climate.

He helped launch the Copenhagen design environment for board games, but doesn’t really make than many games himself. He couldn’t draw a stick figure if his life depended on it, and therefore obviously is generally responsible for the graphic design in the group.