You take on the roles of young women setting out on their adult lives as the recession hits Denmark in the 30s. You cooperate and try to take as much charge of your lives as society allows through play and manipulation of cards on your personal character boards.

  • Duration: 1 hour + 30 minutes for each player (solo: 90 minutes, 4-player: 3 hours)

  • Player count: 1-4

  • Language: English


This is a game based on the life stories of my grandmothers and of contemporary women. The cards of the game will make you face the challenges and possibilities of young Danish women of the 30s.

Little Woman is a resource management game with card play. But it is first and foremost a story-telling game. Little Woman will appeal to the player, who likes to create stories through their game and maybe even draw from their own family history to expand the story.

Little Woman draws inspiration from This War of Mine and Fog of Love. It sets off in Fog of Love’s positive outlook on life and the belief that you cocreate your own life story and destiny, and it aims for the close personal story and intensity of This War of Mine.

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Om designeren

Malik has been an active participant on board game and role-playing scene in Denmark since 1981, presenting his first board game designs at Fastaval 1 and 2. Since then, he has mostly designed board games for educational purposes as a member of Dansk Spil-Design and after that as co-founder of Østerskov Efterskole.

Since 2018, Malik has worked as the administrator of Hush Hush Projects who produces and distributes the board game Fog of Love.

Malik’s preferred board games are Terraforming Mars, This War of Mine and Race for the Galaxy.