Three children have lost their father and their grandmother’s comforting tale of the father as an adventurous sky pirate becomes the start of a magical journey, and an inevitable tragedy. A scenario about the dead we can not let go of and the dead who can not let go of us.

Players/GM 3 players + 1 facilitators

Time 4 hours

Language English and Danish

Age limit 15+

How much do you have to read 3-5 pages

  • Magical realism

  • Children

  • Tragedy


The three sisters Cirkeline, Katinka and Solveig aged 8, 10 and 12 lost their father a year ago.

Solveig knows Dad took his own life. She found him. She will never forgive him for that. Neither will Mom.

Katinka still thinks she can feel Dad. And it seems her cat, Mr. Herman, does too.

Cirkeline knows that Dad is a sky pirate. Grandma says so herself and she never lies. Grandma reads letters from him every week about all his adventures.

On the sideline is Mom who wants grandma to stop lying to the girls. It does not help that Mom has a new boyfriend, Torben. Torben is okay, but he is not Dad.

One day the girls get a set of the Spirit in the Glass.

Sky Pirate is a magical social realistic tragedy. You play the three sisters in a set narrative with a focus on mood and interaction between the characters. It’s classic table top role-playing, with storytelling elements to form common references. Sky Pirate is about not being able to see the whole picture and drowning in one’s own grief.