In an nuclear-post-apocalyptic world, the only survivors, giant mutated moles fight each other in a battle of blood, mutations and wits. If that is not enough, the moles can use rocket launchers, grenades, jetpacks and other junk lying around.

  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

  • Player count: 3-4

  • Language: English


Mutating Moles of Mayhem is a light programming game with focus on change: The moles are mutating, can use different equipment, and manipulate the playing area by adding and removing barriers (often through explosions).

Each round, three actions are chosen amongst, moving, digging up or down, using board features, such as train lines, activating mutations and using equipment. If you succeed at ending your move at the same position and level as an opponent mole, you attack it. If your mutation also dominates the target moles’ mutation, you damage even more. Moles below ground can move fast, while moles above ground can make use of all the features of the board.

There are three scenarios:

The base scenario, City of Terror, is a fight of domination, where moles try to show which mole is the toughest by damaging the opponents, whether by use of equipment or mutations gained through visiting the sole radiation source in the middle.

Lunar Rocket, is a race for, first, a genetic code which unlocks the code for the airlock, and finally of getting through the airlock and aboard the rocket, making you the first mole on the moon.

Hall of Hell, takes place in an almost empty high tech ware house. The premise is simple. Build a tower high enough to escape through the roofhatch. The features of the warehouse allows you to build the board as you go along.

About the designer

Morten has been designing games for more than twenty years, both in his spare time and through his work as a teacher at Østerskov Efterskole. Morten has participated many times in Fastavals boardgame competitions, and is especially fond of the challenge of the short design competition. His game this year is the winner of Game Rush 2018.