It has finally been found! Who will be the first to harness the power? For aeons, it waited, just on the edge of unknown space. Nag’dor, the home planet of the progenitors. A planet full of technical wonders and mysticism.

  • Duration: 30 min/ player

  • Player count3-6

  • Sprog: English


Each player takes one the role as one of the eight unique races, each with their own mechanic. Nag’Dor is an asymmetric area control, race evolving and combat game and you try to conquer a planet before the opponents. To do so you must collect resources, evolve your race, hold important areas and win battles.

The eight unique races have their own lore and main mechanisms:

  • Planta: Conscious plant,  Dice stack building
  • Replicator: Self-repairing robotics, Actions points & dice rolling
  • Trogog: Egg breeding tribe society, Planning & developing
  • Dimension: High tech dimension being, Programming
  • Hive: The swarm, Worker placement
  • Moluzkar: Immense earth walking mollusk, Rondel
  • Human: Military and cowardly, Deckbuilding
  • Blob: Slimy highly adaptive jelly creature, Tile flipping

About the designer

I’m Swedish and have a child’s endless curiosity about almost everything and a fool’s stubbornness to complete things. For the last seven years, I have focused mainly on creative projects which have resulted in 3 board games, 1 child book and 1 fantasy book, all printed by different publishers. Of course, I also have a lot of projects that still waits for the right publisher…

What I like most about board games is the silent communication between the players around the table. The feeling to try to read the other players’ minds, plans and thoughts.

When not designing new board games I work in the Swedish National Board for Housing and Buildings as some kind of expert… (The Swedish version of Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsens).