Two women find themselves in an odd friendship while their past during nazism and communism is slowly uncovered. A story about being spectator and accomplice to history, and about accepting the past.

Players/GM 4 players, one GM

Time 4-5 hours

Language Danish and English

Age limit 16+

How much do you have to read 3-4 pages

  • Historic drama

  • Character driven

  • Past/present


The Night before Europe takes place in two of Europe’s most traumatic chapters. The scenario begins in West Germany in 1981. Two women work together at an old farm during a violent storm that threatens to tear everything apart. While they try to save what can be saved, they revisit their past. Here one of them was a secretary at a factory during the Nazi regime. The other was a nurse at a closed institution in communist Czechoslovakia. In each other’s company they will have to face the ghosts of the past for the first time.

The Night before Europe is for playes who loves serious drama, character development and complex feelings. In this game you must be able to take charge of your own experience and enjoy giving other players space and support. General knowledge about the historic periods the scenario takes place in is not a requirement but can be an advantage.

The scenario contains serious subjects such as loss, guilt, the Holocaust and systemic oppression of disabled people.

The designer

This is Ann’s fourth Fastaval scenario. She almost always uses historic events in her stories. History fascinates her and she believes it has much to teach us. Ann’s narratives are never just straight up linear narratives and she insists on playing with the traditional scenario structure through the narrative, characters or the point of view.

In her everyday life Ann is a dusty Art Historian, who is fond of red wine, climbing and classical music.