New at Fastaval?

This page contains answers to some of the questions new participants or parents might have. You are always welcome to contact us with other questions on You can also ask questions on our Facebook page.


Briefly about Fastaval

Fastaval is a convention celebrating roleplay although board games have a place as well, but also many other activities than just these two. Examples are the scenario writing contest, the board game design contest, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Warhammer, The Hinterland, workshops and Fastaval Junior. Fastaval is also a social forum where more than 800 roleplayers of all ages from Denmark and all over the world meet.


A studentified culture

Fastaval is organised by a large group of volunteers, who makes sure, all that need to be prepared are taken care of. But the wheels are turning because we all pitch in. All participants are expected to help out: Some design games, other do activities but far most of participants do one or more DIY-chores. You will read more about the chores below.


This is also means you can always ask another participant or the closest organiser should you have a question. The information is also always ready to help you. Within the opening hours of the Info you will always find someone ready to help you.


On Monday, when Fastaval is over, the light will be turned on in the communal dormitory and we all pack our stuff and place it where the fireguard instructs you. The leftover breakfast will be put out and are free for all, so go there and get something to eat. From there we all help our tidying and cleaning. If you don’t know what you can do you can always go to the main area and get a task.



  • The bunker – the main organising group is called the bunker and is lead by the general. At the convention you will recognize the on duty general on the blue sash she or he wears.
  • Infonauts – In the information you check in on arrival and you can ask all questions you might have. The staff of the information are called infonauts, you will meet these when games are started. You will recognize them on their orange t-shirts.
  • The fireguards – This team is our fire guards who in the wee hours of the day, while the rest of us are sleeping, sit guard. They wear black vests and have a quicky preference for Hello Kitty. You will find them outside the communal dormitory.
  • Dirtbusters – Of course you tidy up after yourself, but cleaning is taken care of of the Dirt Busters or DB. The Dirtbusters are an eccentric group: They are very visible and you might hear them sing loudly while they clean. They make a game out of cleaning and does this in work wear adorned with party accessories.
  • All the rest – Beyond this is an array of organisers, everything from game master to kiosk staff to Otto party to youth area and Fastaval’s own TV.


Sign up

It can be a good idea to read about this year’s games and activities before you sign you up. This way you will be better prepared to choose.

When you sign up you have the option to choose “package deal”. This means, you auto fill out: full ticket incl. a spot in the communal dormitory, breakfast and dinner (you can choose vegetarian or non-vegetarian) all days. You also get a ticket for the final Otto party and membership in ALEA, the organisation behind Fastaval.

You can choose to fill out all these manually, if you for example sleep at the hostel or only want breakfast on a couple of days.


When you sign up for activities you will find you do so by choosing a priority. You do this because it is not a first come first serve system. We have a team of organisers who do the major game-puzzle and distribute the play groups, so everyone gets as many wishes as possible.


When you sign up you will also sign up for a DIY-chore. DIY stand for ‘do it yourself’ and it is expected of all participants to take chore, if they are not already organising, game designer or game mastering. Examples of a chores can be to help out with the dishes, do a shift in the café or sit fireguard for a couple of hours.

In the sign up you choose what you wish to do and if you have something we need to take into consideration when we make the scheduling work please tell us. Your activities and your DIY-chore will never be at the same time. A DIY-chore can be a good way of meeting other participants.


You will recieve an email when your Fastaval program has been completed. Here you can see what you will be playing and when. You can expect it to be ready about a week before Fastaval. Take notice there might be minor changes, f.eks. your DIY-chore, so remember to check your participant paper, you will get when you check in on your arrival.


When you arrive at Fastaval

1) You start by checking in. You do this in the Information, where the organisers dressed in orange will be ready to check you in. This is both as a full participant or a daytickets.

2) Then you go to the communal dormitory, if you sleep here, and find a place for your sleeping gear. If you are renting a matras (chosen in the sign up), you’ll see it on your participant papers and you will be able to get it outside of the dormitory from the fireguards.

3) From there you go back to the main building and start your Fastaval! You can for example borrow a board game, visit one of the stores or get ready for your activities.


The reserve queue

If you have a game time slot don’t have an activity but want to play you can find the reserve queue. The reserve queue is a number-roll (like at the bank) that will be hung up 30-15 minutes before game start. With the number ticket you can sit down close by and relax until game start. If you don’t already know what you want to play you can read the previews while you wait. The placement of the reserve queue varies from year to year but will usually be found in the big common area. At game start an infonaut will come and distribute you on the games with open spots. They will tell you where to go.

To get in the reserve queue doesn’t guarantee a spot on the game you wish or a spot at all, but many gets great experiences by jumping in at the last minute.


The distribution raffle

It will on your participant papers say when and where you need to be for you activities. Remember to be there in good time. If you are signed up for a game you will have a room number, here you will meet all other people who signed up for that game. An infonaut will show up and make sure all game masters and players are there.
If case the numbers add up the infonaut will clear it and the game masters will start, usually by asking if there are any international players and Danish players who are comfortable playing in English and then with do a short briefing. When in your groups your game master will take you to where you will be playing and your game will start.



Getting to Fastaval

You are yourself in charge of getting to Mariagefjord Gymnasium. As international participants you have a coordinating organiser to help you get to the venue. The adress is:

Amerikavej 5, 9500 Hobro.

Bus no. 1 and 2 goes from Hobro Train Station. Be aware it’s the easter holiday in Denmark and this the busses runs on holiday timetables.

A participant has for a number of years arranged a bus going from Copenhagen. Normally this will be announced on Facebook, so follow the event and Fastaval’s page..


Food and drink

If you signed up for food it will say so on your participant papers. To get your food you need either your participant papers or your name tag. The barcode on these tell us know what you ordered (vegetarian or nonvegetarian). On the participant papers you’ll see when you can get your food. Breakfast is a buffet and dinner will be served on plates – both in the mail area.


When you need lunch or didn’t sign up for breakfast and dinner, there is kiosk where you can buy sandwiches. In the Kiosk you can also get chips, candy, carbonated drinks and water. In the Kaffekro (Coffee In) you will be able to buy hot beverages and cake. In the Café you can buy beverages, cake and snacks.



You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol for Fastaval. However you can buy alcohol in the café and the bar. It is only allowed to drink alcohol here. It’s not allowed to be in places serving alcohol if you are below 18 years old. Both café and bar is in a different building form the rest of Fastaval because of this.


Communal dormitory

The cumminal dormity is a sports arena on the other side of the road from the main convention area, where far the most participants will sleep. You bring your own sleeping gear inkl. mattress or sleeping mats. You can get a mattress from the fireguard if you rented one on your sign up. If you bring an inflatable mattress remember to inflate it outside of the dormitory.

Inside: Find yourself a spot within the marked lines (with tape). All you luggage should be within these lines. This is due to fire regulations. The fire guard might ask you to move your things if they are outside the marked areas. Next to the dormitory you will find mens and ladies toilets and showers.

An unwritten rule of good behavior in the dormitory is you do not talk inside. The dormitory is blacked out and do you need light to get to your sleeping place, you can use your phone, but make sure to turn down the light and only light up right in front of you. Then you avoid waking people up, who can be asleep at all hours.


Outside a fire guard will be placed at all hours of the day. During the day it will be a DIY-guard and in the evening and at night it will be the organisers fireguards. If a fire or an emergency should occur you find the fire guard.



It’s possible to pay with visa-dankort at Fastaval. You can use the app MobilePay to pay at several places.  International cards might not be possible to use. If you don’t have a visa, danish card or mobilepay remember to bring cash. We are working on being able to accept international cards but we cannot promise it will work out.