Odyssey of Heroes is a cooperative roleplaying game for 2-4 players where the heroes struggle to overcome several challenges in order to complete their voyage. During the game the heroes will improve their skills, be faced with dilemmas, and encounter a myriad of ancient Greek foes such as satyrs, giants, harpies, and sirens.

  • Duration: 2-3 hours (Complete adventure with multiple encounters)

  • Player count: 2-4

  • Language: English


The players first decide on an adventure book and everyone selects a hero, each with their own unique skill sets. When the players turn to the first page of the adventure the journey is on. Some pages present dilemmas or puzzles, where the players will choose between several options, that will affect the story. Other pages hold encounters, where the players need to defeat enemies in order to proceed. Moreover, each hero will have their own personal story, which the player seeks to fulfill.

The encounters are quick and tactical, and based on a 2D system where positioning is vital, inspired by PC games like Darkest Dungeon. Each hero is placed on hero-positions 1 to 4 and the foes are placed opposite on enemy-positions 1 to 4. Based on initiative, the hero or foe selects a skill that is playable from that position. E.g. the minotaur’s cleave skill can only be used from hero-position 1 and will deal damage to enemy-position 1 and 2.

The effect of a skill is influenced by three factors: The skill’s level, cubes that exit the cube tower and how the player decides to amplify the skill. Throughout the encounter, heroes and monsters will toss cubes into the cube tower when using skills. The cubes that come out can be used as damage or to amplify future skills depending on cube-type. Amplify effects can be as simple as adding extra damage, but can also more complex and radically chance what the skill can do.

After the dilemma or encounter is cleared, the players gain rewards and upgrade their skills, before turning to the next page of their adventure.

About the designer

Kåre’s passion is to create games, campaigns and stories which he has done ever since he bought his first board game (Heroquest) back in 1990. Kåre loves games that tell a memorable story, but as an engineer he believes that solid game mechanics is a must. Kåre has participated with board game designs 5 times at Fastaval, where the first got published in 2014 (Hospital Rush) and the last one (Witch Hunt) won for Best Board game, which will be published in 2020.

About the designer

Kasper has played board games for more than 40 years. As a science librarian he loves to deconstruct games and scrutinize what makes a game bigger than the sum of its parts. He favors strategy games with historical settings. Kasper first Fastaval board game design (Witch Hunt) won an Otto for best board game and will be published in 2020.