At Fastaval

Besides the planned activites, there is lot of places you can visit during Fastaval and groups of organisers you can meet.

Read more about them in the menu to your right.

“Tryghedsværter” (Safety hosts)

A Tryghedsvært is someone you can call if you are in need of a chat, big or small. They don’t judge, they can lend you an ear and create a safe mental space to process an experience. They are available for both participants and organising participants – AND they give a cup of coffee.


Baby Lounge

Is the place where you and your child can find a calm space as Fastaval can sometimes be a hectic place for the little ones. Here you can breastfeed and change diapers. The equipment in this area has been donated by other participants and you can too, should you have something you imagine would spread joy.



DB, for short, is Fastaval’s own cleaning core. They are strange bunch: very visible with their colorful work wear and not estranged to singing loudly. They make a game out of cleaning and do so in work wear with party accessories.



You can pre-order your food in the sign-up, by doing this you save 10%. Though you are not limited to this. You can get: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


Guest of Honor

Each year Fastaval invites one a Guest of Honor. This will often be an internationally known person within game design and roleplay. The Guest of Honor will often bring one or more of their games and has also been known to do talks on topics they have worked with and are known for.


Honorary Otto

Also know as a golden pat on the shoulder, the Honorary Otto is given to someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to the Danish roleplaying scene. All can nominate someone they feel deserves the award.
Last year’s winner will put together a commité who find this year’s winner among the nominated. The award is given on Fastaval by last year’s winner.


Info & Infonauts

The info is manned by ‘infonauts’ who are always ready to help, should you need to be checked in, have questions or are lost. You can recognize the infonauts on their orange t-shirt uniforms. You will also meet them when activities star, where they facilitate a smooth and quick game start.


Otto’s Coffeehouse

Here you can play board games and drink coffee, tea or cocoa. In soft surroundings you’ll find help with your game, should you need it, you can find new friends or simply enjoy your cup on your own.


Shop: Einheriar Viking Wear

A clothing line dedicated to producing and selling street wear inspired by the vikings.


The dishwashing

Yes, this is where the dishes go! In an industrial kitchen all of Fastaval’s dirty dishes are washed by an army comprised of members of the organising dishwashing team a participants, doing their DIY-chore [read more about DIY under Practical Information] here. Hre you’ll always find a good spirit and a place for a cosy chat while working.


The Fastaval Bar

Is adequately named. Here you’ll find alcoholic beverages like tap beer, cider and shots. You will also find a party, music and dance into the early hours. The bar is situated away from the main area of Fastaval to keep the noise contained here. Danish Law requires an age limit of 18 wherever alcohol is served and that goes for the Fastaval bar too.


The Kiosk

Here you’ll find an arrangement of eatables: snacks, soda, fruit as well as earplugs and other useful things – just like you would in any convenient store. This is also where you can withdraw cash if you have a Danish card.


The Night Watch

This team of organizers guard the communal sleeping hall in the wee hours of the day. They wear black vests and are very fond of anything with Hello Kitty. You will find them outside the communal sleeping hall should you need help: anything from a bandaid to more serious injuries, problems or fire – they know what to do and how to handle it.


The Oasis

Is Fastaval’s own café, where you can quench your thirst in calm surrounding. You can find luxury cocktails (both virgin and strong) and have a snack. Her you will be able to view the more odd-ones-out-activities and happenings on the stange.