Take over the best bedroom at the retirement home from old Gertrude – dirty play encouraged!
Leave subtle traps for Gertrude, but blame the other residents so that you stay on good terms with the Matron.

  • Duration: 1,5-2 hours (rule explanation included)

  • Player count:3-4

  • Languages: Danish and Engelsk


At Merry Meadows Nursing Home, Old Gertrude lives in The Best Room™ while the rest of you must accept much less luxurious lodging… and you hate it. Unfortunately, the Matron alone decides who gets to live in which room, and Gertrude will never cease to be her favourite. But… what if something were to happen to Gertrude? Accidentally, of course! With the room free, the Matron’s new favourite would get to live there! All you need to do is to get the timing right: You must make sure that you are the Matron’s personal Number One the moment Gertrude kicks the bedpan.

So when night falls, you all sneak around the retirement home placing little ”surprises” (cards) that will either help or hurt Gertrude’s health – framing each other for the bad stuff and taking credit for the good! During the day, Gertrude and the Matron move about the nursing home, falling for the traps or revealing them, and adjusting people’s popularity accordingly! Exactly where they go is decided by the sum of all players’ decisions: Each player gets to choose either where one of the two starts or which way they move.

Old Gertrude’s Room is a light, humorous game where no one can expect full control of the outcome of their nightly shenanigans, and where thwarting each other’s plans is part of the fun. A particularly good fit for players who enjoy adding flavour by making up little stories about what kind of ”surprises” they leave for sweet old Gertrude.

About the designer

Rikke Munchkin Sørensen has attended Fastaval faithfully since 1995, mainly for the roleplaying games and the great people there. But over the years her interests have expanded to include board games, and this year she is trying her hand at her first ever homemade design. And no, she is not named after the card game… Munchkin got her nickname after miraculously surviving her first larp at Fastaval 1996, years before the game came out. Incidentally, that was also the year she worked briefly as a helper at a retirement home – which she stubbornly claims is not where she got the inspiration for Old Gertrude’s Room from.